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“What Can You Lose?” is the cabaret Nicholas wrote and performed at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre in NYC in 2009, with musical direction and accompaniment by the incomparable Nathaniel Beversluis.  Read Roy Sanders’ Bistro Awards review here!


“What Is It About Her?”


“A Case of You”

(Joni Mitchell)

“Mr. Right / Vodka”

from TRIUMPH OF LOVE (Stock and Birkenhead) and SONG OF THE FLAME (Gershwin, Stothart, Harbach and Hammerstein)

Comedic scene from the 2012 film, “Hello I Must Be Going” (role of Phil).

Dramatic scene from “Blue Bloods”, CBS (episode 108 - role of Melvin Perry).

A video excerpt from the Nicholas’s cabaret, WHAT CAN YOU LOSE? (Duplex Cabaret Theatre, NYC), starting with “My Brother Lived in San Francisco” (from ELEGIES FOR ANGELS, PUNKS AND RAGING QUEENS) and segueing into “How Glory Goes” (from FLOYD COLLINS).  

Nicholas Wuehrmann’s TV/film demo reel, with highlights from his roles on “Redrum” and “Celebrity Ghost Stories”, plus scenes from “Hello I Must Be Going” and “Blue Bloods”.

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“I am the very model of a modern Major-General” from THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Gilbert & Sullivan)

“Behold El Capitan”


(John Philip Sousa)

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